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stupidliderals преди 6 часа
Cena only likes cars built in China
Jake Heykoop
Jake Heykoop преди 7 часа
LuLaRich brought me here
Luke Stewart
Luke Stewart преди 8 часа
Saw the title screen on YT with a pic of John Cena with "you should be ashamed" in big letters. Not sure what the Mandarin for "fuck off, commie!" Is but yeah, don't ever touch our flag again.
david devereux
david devereux преди 9 часа
just me or was there a last scene blackadder bit at 12.45
george_pts97 '
george_pts97 ' преди 9 часа
By the "book" I can hit 110 with my straight 4 cylinder car while this V6 hits 118 ? Bruh
Timmy Mallet
Timmy Mallet преди 10 часа
No a few of them 1 handed rally drivers ripping round estate
Dusty Payton
Dusty Payton преди 10 часа
My 2010 xterra off road is more of a sports car than that pt cruiser.
Logan Parker
Logan Parker преди 10 часа
That Porshce has only done 40k mileage
AL Nunnery
AL Nunnery преди 11 часа
Well Worth It..... Where else can you drive on a Closes Course Circuit by just pullin' up and swiping a cars or somethin'
Pagelos преди 12 часа
I need a Gareth in my life
Reinbeers преди 13 часа
MR2s at 2 grand? Jeez, they're at least 10k€ here. Lucky bastards.
Sourav Chakraborty
Sourav Chakraborty преди 13 часа
and we get 1.0 L Engine in India, lol
EJ22 преди 13 часа
That’s what I did on SLRR back when I couldn’t afford any upgrades 😂 Selling the parts to buy better wheels and a nitrous injection system, that’s it really XD
Y-Nick преди 14 часа
thanks volvo
Jamie Canning
Jamie Canning преди 14 часа
When are these podcasts starting back up I've been bored on the way to work🤣
31ncp преди 14 часа
You guys are happy people, in my country cheapest polo of same generation costs 2500$, same fiat 4500$
Ferenc Kiss
Ferenc Kiss преди 15 часа
Looks pretty nice. but you have a steering wheel on the wrong side. I don't have a problem with a seat and the window😂
31ncp преди 15 часа
Looks like ordinary car in Russia
My Name Jeff
My Name Jeff преди 16 часа
Love how I just got the notification for this video
S.K.H. преди 17 часа
Nothing sporty about a PT loser....
Yanette Quevedo
Yanette Quevedo преди 17 часа
No 4age love?
Swarup Das
Swarup Das преди 17 часа
The wrong Hyundai pronunciation was killing me everytime.
WinniForTheWin преди 17 часа
na mx5 1.6 shorty nose stripped vers ND mx5
Mystery ?
Mystery ? преди 18 часа
Is Ethan secretly a car guy? To be continued…
Mystery ?
Mystery ? преди 18 часа
So Alex, without proper context said: -He got a Subaru WRX STi for his GF -Wore a shirt about the Engine -Broke a man’s car’s catalytic converter -Cylinder Head skimming for his Miata -Gave his car a nitromethane injection kit -Lost his wrench -Talking to a friend about buying his 17-year old BMW
Hamzah Syed
Hamzah Syed преди 18 часа
“Don’t be racist” 😂😂😂😂😂
90s Buick guy
90s Buick guy преди 18 часа
also the Porsche 986 Boxster and the Porsche 911 early 996s share the same front runny egg headlights with the 1997 Porsche 911 GT1 I didn’t know that till today and also the Becca radios in the 996 911 and 986 Boxster are also shared with some late 90s early 2000s Ferrari models like the 360 and 360 spider
James Entwistle
James Entwistle преди 20 часа
You guys should do a two stage teardown, road worthy, then full strip, mint video tho 🤌
Jet Flash
Jet Flash преди 20 часа
If this thing has 3 or 4 speed reverse would be epic
TheWingrider92 преди 22 часа
would love to see this bring to a rally stage
Brookes En France
Brookes En France преди 22 часа
It proves brotherhood makes us better. & to emphasise my point, ALEX, you are more proud than disappointed!!!! #everybodywins!!!!! #bestlife Thanks guys!!!
Vishnu Vardhan
Vishnu Vardhan преди 22 часа
Ethan must drive with Ethan Hunt😂
Liam Kemp
Liam Kemp преди 22 часа
I need the front bumper lol
\/ преди 23 часа
Bru where can you find an e46 m3 for that price
jordy cruz
jordy cruz преди 23 часа
Wouldn’t awd be better for putting down power on bumpy roads?
SuperProH2o преди 23 часа
My MK3 Clio, has cup holders beneath the centre console, and are painfully annoying to use, and there is one in between the driver and front passenger seats and it is very inconvenient as I always end up elbowing the drink. It makes me sick.
Rice Quackers
Rice Quackers преди ден
"Let's ease you in gently, and then we'll go for the rear" - Alex Kersten
Brother Ozzo
Brother Ozzo преди ден
I've had never heard of a Mercedes Blinz hit 200k miles
STEllarwavEZ преди ден
John Cena (angry voice) you look so good in that suit, inspiring me to dress wiser.
Stanislas De Nijs
Stanislas De Nijs преди ден
I would consider adding some plexi to the outside
Mantis Trucker
Mantis Trucker преди ден
I do love a 5 cylinder enginen
ang Dix
ang Dix преди ден
It's the parking for me 🤣. I'm so critical of my parking lol
FPSCongo1 преди ден
Jesus just google launch control don't be so over dramatic. You turn off traction control, set transmission to S3 then press both brakes and gas down. So simple.
Paul Gilraine
Paul Gilraine преди ден
You have to fix the poor old Volvo and get more out of it
BATM7N x преди ден
Not to mention a well maintained Diesel engine can last almost 1 million miles while gasoline engines last only 200-300k
david james
david james преди ден
How the hell can the dvla make this road legal and not e scooters, there must have been a back hander to get that on the road, it's lower than someone standing or siting on an e scooter and slower holding up traffic.
Kenzie Bean
Kenzie Bean преди ден
Dear Alex, Jack, Ethan, everyone else at Car Throttle. I really want a window sticker/decal that is kind of like the ones people have of the Queen, or the president... except of Ethan. I really want Ethan on the rear window of my car, all the time. I think Ethan should go on cool adventures in cool Instagram posts. Can we make that happen? I think everyone needs one. #ethanwindowdecal
SPEEDBOARD преди ден
This is the dune buggy of our era. How hard would it be to make this into a bolt-on kit?
Evan Knox
Evan Knox преди ден
gotta do some kind of bmw
Iver Knackerov
Iver Knackerov преди ден
Shame about the lazy stereotyping of all Porsche owners ….. unnecessary. Yes, for a V6 it’s fantastic …… just got to be sure you want the dodgy build quality and Jurassic in car entertainment
GnosisMan50 преди ден
I don't believe this car has that many miles on it.
Барсик преди ден
Now I have a simple Colt from 2004, and it’s a cool car. It’s a car from my childhood, my grandpa was driving it, I learned how to drive with colt. An extremely durable vehicle, almost no corrosion in hard russian climate, survives our awful roads, very maneuverable and simple to repair. Also it’s much more bigger inside, than it seems. I feel myself comfortable with my 195cm height. I love colt, even call him “Malets” (little boy)
anil преди ден
There's soo much more you could have stripped off, roof bars, headliner, rear glass, dash, air vents and seat belts on rear pillars, rear carpets, front carpets, both horns, passenger seat, airbag on steering wheel and I'm sure there's a lot more I can't think of right now
Joshikun преди ден
I recently got a 2008 BMW 318i touring and I absolutely love it, this video was a very good educational video.
An idiot in a racing car
An idiot in a racing car преди ден
The Ultimate *Porsche* Enthusiast Collection
harry333 преди ден
The best 90s car is the mk1 MX-5. Facts!!
Lewis Martin
Lewis Martin преди ден
"it's ran out of turbo" 😂😂😂😂😂
rocco nacho
rocco nacho преди ден
Doing a review of an automatic come on bro
Adam.2099 преди ден
Why put an extra 47kg wheel on the roof? Laughs and giggles ? Haha
O'callaghan преди ден
Daihatsu avanzato = 9500rpm And a rare version of the 2000s honda today does 11k rpm
Myhealand преди ден
*Name it MR.2Muddy.*
Myhealand преди ден
Is this going to be a Hot Wheels car?
notsogreat123 преди ден
Wow I thought this would be a really cool channel to follow !! Then I realized that they were not speaking my language !! Too bad ;-(
C20XE here is 1600hp in a C20XE.
Øyvind Hanstad
Øyvind Hanstad преди ден
Seamus Doherty
Seamus Doherty преди ден
Earthen doesn’t know what a manual is
Tiberiu Chibici
Tiberiu Chibici преди ден
You know what would be really cool? To have a competition with multiple cars like this going in the mud, shooting paintballs at each other.
harry333 преди ден
The car you want: M3 The car you can afford: Hot wheels.
psy sin
psy sin преди ден
Wow amazing😍
James Wilcox
James Wilcox преди ден
Hi guys love the show , quick question I've just been offered a volvo v70 d5 one owner from new sale due to medical grounds . 85000 miles drives well 10 month mot, he's starting at £750 do you think I can make some money on it , cheers James
liquidbassblood преди ден
Those rear tyres are rubbing bad on the exoskeleton, there wouldn't be 100mm of clearance when it's sitting still.
Firedrake Goosy
Firedrake Goosy преди ден
Is that mad mike’s rx7 ? @ 4:24
Hugo Kranendonk
Hugo Kranendonk преди ден
buy a t5 v70r and it wil beat the skoda easy
Hugo Kranendonk
Hugo Kranendonk преди ден
shut a shame that they doing this with shut a beatiful car
nothy преди ден
mk1 octavia vrs vs mk4 octavia vrs?
UK Abandoned Mine Explores
UK Abandoned Mine Explores преди ден
Naa, this channel is not about content like this :( We want to see 3 everyday blokes having a laugh and making fools of themselves, not some rich asshole boosting his ego.
Viktoras Kurkis
Viktoras Kurkis преди ден
Can some answer, in this stupid question, what needed to swap e60 535d automatix transmission to e39
v811gfg преди ден
I guess they would be lucky to get it in second gear with that gearing.
İsmail Emre AKYOL
İsmail Emre AKYOL преди ден
came to listen to bill Collins. it has been twenty minutes so far and still he is just sitting there watching them with a bored look on his face