How To Make A Slow Car Fast For FREE 2!

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On this week's episode, Alex and Gareth find out how fast they can make the £1 Volvo without spending a penny!

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EJ22 преди 13 часа
That’s what I did on SLRR back when I couldn’t afford any upgrades 😂 Selling the parts to buy better wheels and a nitrous injection system, that’s it really XD
WinniForTheWin преди 17 часа
na mx5 1.6 shorty nose stripped vers ND mx5
James Entwistle
James Entwistle преди 20 часа
You guys should do a two stage teardown, road worthy, then full strip, mint video tho 🤌
Liam Kemp
Liam Kemp преди 22 часа
I need the front bumper lol
Paul Gilraine
Paul Gilraine преди ден
You have to fix the poor old Volvo and get more out of it
Evan Knox
Evan Knox преди ден
gotta do some kind of bmw
anil преди ден
There's soo much more you could have stripped off, roof bars, headliner, rear glass, dash, air vents and seat belts on rear pillars, rear carpets, front carpets, both horns, passenger seat, airbag on steering wheel and I'm sure there's a lot more I can't think of right now
Lewis Martin
Lewis Martin преди ден
"it's ran out of turbo" 😂😂😂😂😂
Hugo Kranendonk
Hugo Kranendonk преди ден
buy a t5 v70r and it wil beat the skoda easy
Hugo Kranendonk
Hugo Kranendonk преди ден
shut a shame that they doing this with shut a beatiful car
nothy преди ден
mk1 octavia vrs vs mk4 octavia vrs?
EpicRaptorMan преди 2 дни
Could've removed even more weight. Carpet, roof carpet, roof rails, passenger seat + passenger, dash, back seat buckles, etc
EpicRaptorMan преди 2 дни
200hp AWD automatic with a 0-60 of 6.8sec is considered fast? My 170hp FWD is faster and it's from 18 years ago
Peugeot Tulip
Peugeot Tulip преди 17 часа
What car you own?
mikenco преди 2 дни
38 grand... on a SKODA!!!??
Peugeot Tulip
Peugeot Tulip преди 16 часа
It's new
Jordan Riding
Jordan Riding преди 2 дни
Guys, trying to lose weight in the Volvo and you choose the two meatheads Alex and Gareth to drive and be passenger 😂😂 keep up the good work lads
Joel Parker
Joel Parker преди 2 дни
16:29 is a pretty epic shot. It took me a couple of watches to realize what was happening.
Răzvan Bobric
Răzvan Bobric преди 2 дни
Last time I am wasting my time with your channel on which another nice car gets destroyed.
ackyboo1983 преди 2 дни
Brilliant video, loved it.
lscansir cured
lscansir cured преди 2 дни
If they were to simply just got the car to run right it would have probably beat the time
Rafał Małek
Rafał Małek преди 2 дни
As a declared Volvo enthusiast, and owner of model V70: SHAME ON YOU, BARBARIANS! But this episode was awesome :D
TheGamingChoob преди 3 дни
This just proves how shite the VRS is xD Though that 1st stripped drag race was very sketchy or the driver is ethan?
ArSa Cuevas
ArSa Cuevas преди 3 дни
That car can stioll lose weight....
ChaosZombie999 преди 3 дни
I was gonna say... you could probably sell some of these parts for some extra cash.. but then um.. I saw a radio being flung out the car
Wojtek Dobrowolski
Wojtek Dobrowolski преди 3 дни
Why is it that they remove the doors but never remove the dashboard?!??!!?
EDO DJROYAL преди 3 дни
All he had to do was take out the passenger.
EDO DJROYAL преди 3 дни
241 volvo lovers disliked
mijiz0 преди 3 дни
I need the steering rack from that volvo 😓
Crispy's Projects
Crispy's Projects преди 3 дни
I love curby, fantastic old school sprint course, done loads of sprint events there!
anant kandpal
anant kandpal преди 3 дни
I'm a simple guy, I see pretentious car guys, I press dislike
Edu Serra Scott
Edu Serra Scott преди 3 дни
You should do these more extrem (angle grind 4oof off ext
Rizki Akbar
Rizki Akbar преди 3 дни
ummm... is that possible if the next cars is stripped veyron?😅 . i really curious about that W16 hyper-beetle 😂
Apothecary Terry
Apothecary Terry преди 3 дни
We're going to remove all the unnecessary wait from this car...and replace it with Gareth! Also, do this to a Leaf ☺
Joe Crancher
Joe Crancher преди 3 дни
Brilliant episode, but I reckon it could have beaten the vrs is you had taken out the rear windows, the headliner and mostly removed the sump cover that was flapping around under the car probably causing a lot of drag!!
Jake Lawrance
Jake Lawrance преди 3 дни
OMG Look at the end of the URL on the address bar 😩
Cedric Helsemans
Cedric Helsemans преди 4 дни
Remove the roof
Gaetano Heliot
Gaetano Heliot преди 4 дни
You could have taken off the roof side racks even hahaha anyways live the vid
Daimon преди 4 дни
to start a bit quicker, you had to deactivate DSTC on Volvo
Alen Jersin
Alen Jersin преди 4 дни
make more!!
Márton Koch
Márton Koch преди 4 дни
So after ripping the Volvo apart, almost beating the laptime of the VRS, I wonder if getting rid of Gareth from the passenger seat would have been enough to win the race. Also putting a racechip in it... (kidding :D)
Alister jordan
Alister jordan преди 4 дни
yess!!!! we want to see more of these episodes!!!!!
Hano преди 4 дни
now make the skoda even faster
goracks69 преди 4 дни
16:30 What a great shot!!! Never seen an in car to out of car launch! I loved that!
Kiran Koshy
Kiran Koshy преди 4 дни
Please make more of these🙏🙏
Henrique Barbosa
Henrique Barbosa преди 4 дни
if it was just 1 driver it could be easier :) (less +/- 80kg)
FLUXZiON преди 4 дни
yall should try to do one of these with a lexus LS400, aka the million mile lexus. its not exactly slow stock but it would be interesting to see how much faster you can get it by stripping it considering its a big fat luxury boat.
MrJaiimez преди 4 дни
Was so much weight still in there too, roof rack, rear side glass, headliner. they're not even small things either
Killerspieler0815 преди 4 дни
@Car Throttle - They forgot to dump weight: the ceilling interiour , most of the dash bord, parts of the exhaust system & the passenger seat ... also the driver should be a small light weight woman.
Stefan Borge
Stefan Borge преди 5 дни
There was still a good amount weight left to strip from the volvo 😅
That Lol Guy
That Lol Guy преди 5 дни
Y'all British peeps my minivan could do better
792bnz преди 5 дни
813 pounds
Charlie Sayer
Charlie Sayer преди 5 дни
K11 MICRA! This series needs to carry on and just see what car can make the biggest improvement
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty преди 5 дни
This was so much fun, you must be doing these exclusively, brilliant,!!
Robert and Mandy Wallace
Robert and Mandy Wallace преди 5 дни
See if you can get ethan to strip and rip his own car by swearing to him that it is not his car, it just looks like his car. Then buy him a new one at the end of the show
dalylers 1996
dalylers 1996 преди 5 дни
old ford ka vs fiesta ecoboost
Rednax преди 5 дни
you should do old fiat 500 vs new fiat 500 or robin reliant rally
Asen Moskov
Asen Moskov преди 5 дни
i missed that track so much, also Alexs face when he drives there!
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty преди 5 дни
Do Perodua Myvi or Proton Saga
Y-Nick преди 5 дни
Its a D5 thats a strong engine
VRG AUTO преди 5 дни
Poor volvo! ☻
Flo Nana
Flo Nana преди 6 дни
Please do Saab 9-5 aero wagon
Dark Wolf1
Dark Wolf1 преди 6 дни
Go go go go go go go
Vniversvm преди 6 дни
Introducing: The New Volvo S60 Estate Superleggera
An idiot in a racing car
An idiot in a racing car преди 6 дни
Why did you keep so much stuff on the Volvo!? It even has windows!
Stefan Plows
Stefan Plows преди 6 дни
Would like to see strip and rip on a 1.6 Mx 5 mk2
slmFNKshady преди 6 дни
i love these vids
Mojo Joji
Mojo Joji преди 6 дни
Do a gt86 stripped insides and rip it around a track and 0-60
William Bishop
William Bishop преди 6 дни
No lie, it's better than current top gear lads (backhanded complement 🤔)
Gospod Nadskof
Gospod Nadskof преди 6 дни
Why didnt u remove rear windows? I have OCD and it hurts me.
Sean Dickerson
Sean Dickerson преди 6 дни
All the talk about changing your car to electric to save the world. How much would it cost and would it be any good to convert a normal family car with a bit of poke to electric instead of just buying one? Might make a great video
Doctor BMW
Doctor BMW преди 6 дни
Get a cheap S class, 7 series or something similar and strip and rip it!
Subhan Prime
Subhan Prime преди 6 дни
Do Perodua Myvi or Proton Saga
Quin Moore
Quin Moore преди 6 дни
2003 Vauxhall Astra - PLEASE!
S M преди 6 дни
So the skoda is onl 3secs slower than your last 330D project damn
French20cent преди 6 дни
Governments : you have to make zero-emission cars and focus your R&D on ecological targets. Skoda : YOLO let's put a launch control in a 4-pot diesel estate
givemeajackson преди 7 дни
buy a hyundai coupe and strip it. v6 preferrably, and rip out the exhaust
Sergio Ibagon
Sergio Ibagon преди 7 дни
should've left the front parts on and the bonnet... air resistance...
Hass преди 7 дни
You should do a toyota yaris next
Spencer Harris
Spencer Harris преди 7 дни
Cameron преди 7 дни
Finally I can use this trick to beat Lamborghinis
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy преди 7 дни
I want to see a 96 - 2000 civic hatch, one that hasn't felt love in a really long time, one that is trying to die in piece
Alistair Knight
Alistair Knight преди 7 дни
Should have remove the rear windows
Alistair Knight
Alistair Knight преди 7 дни
Why didn't you loose the passenger? To help with the weight shedding
Alistair Knight
Alistair Knight преди 7 дни
Jack's hair looked amazing @ 4:54
Akkio_bum преди 7 дни
I have a 1.4 seat Ibiza if you want it, by next June it’s MOT will run out and I won’t want it anymore
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy преди 7 дни
I can still see lot of things that could be removed. Totally unused parts = Rear seatbelt assemblies. Roof rails. The rear windows. Roof carpet. And if we really want to nitpick a
Martin преди 7 дни
my s60 without a turbo would have beaten that skoda, i beat many modern cars at traffic lights.... that v70 with a fresh fuel filter and some love to the engine and turbo would kill alot of them too, People realy underestemate those cars. im talking stock car, if u tune them , their fkn scary
Ben Robo
Ben Robo преди 7 дни
Should the do the Euro 4 185 horsepower Volvo S60 D5
Joram dH
Joram dH преди 7 дни
I like this series!
Jacob Money
Jacob Money преди 7 дни
strip it and rip with the best city car vs the cheapest old banger city car!
lou преди 7 дни
without gareth, you wouldve got closer but good try nonetheless
eros20V преди 7 дни
Great episode ! You should try with just the driver in the car ! 😆
WelshWolfie преди 7 дни
Surprise the 5 cylinder in the volvo didn't sound any louder 😅
TwistedLlama преди 7 дни
What if they took off the roof and kept just the cabin.. WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN
DonuttMan23 преди 7 дни
if you smashed out those rear side windows I reckon you would have won
VS TV преди 7 дни
You could of removed the back quarter windows, the roof lining and could of swapped the alloys for steels
Janis Bruveris
Janis Bruveris преди 7 дни
When will the podcast return????
I think if you dropped the passenger seat & the 100kg human in it 😂, you might've beaten the Octavia in laptime. Great challenge though, keep em coming. My suggestion next, small hatches or sports cars
RafaGmod преди 7 дни
next time take the windshield off for MOAR AERO
Hawokki преди 7 дни
I can still see lot of things that could be removed. Totally unused parts = Rear seatbelt assemblies. Roof rails. The rear windows. Roof carpet. And if we really want to nitpick and lose used parts as well: Seat textiles, wheel leather, shift knob, the whole dash. You don't need gauges in race like this. And yes, I know all of this is probably like 10kg max, but still... It's potential. And maybe some bolts. I'm assuming cutting is too risky, as the car structure might not hold if you cut pieces out
D.D. Henderson
D.D. Henderson преди 7 дни
You know they have a faster version of that Volvo right cars with 300 horsepower inline 5 the same one that they took out and then put in the Focus RS which is powered by Volvo
EzerArthiom преди 7 дни
there is so much more that you could heve stripped from that volvo!
Rob Stephen
Rob Stephen преди 7 дни
car throttle now recycling content that MCM did nearly 10 years ago.... we've come full circle i guess.
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