Saving A Subscriber's Car From The Scrapyard

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Timothy Rohe
Timothy Rohe преди 3 дни
love this style of video man this is the type of love that people need
jose daniel Rodriguez
jose daniel Rodriguez преди 9 дни
God bless you for making somebody happy
AquaMoment преди 10 дни
15:40 that THUNDERBIRD!!! 😍😍😍CHRISTINE!!! 🙏
FaCiaL преди 11 дни
Sideneck needs to go see this dude's doctor
I'm_James преди 10 дни
I just watched 👀 sidekneck for the 1st time.. Thats a hell of an accident he survived. How big was that Moose? And how quick was he going? Geeez
Blend преди 11 дни
Absolutely brilliant CT Thank you for making James smile again. Hope you get well soon buddy
Auntieslapscake преди 13 дни
Lol.... imagine them doing this for me... they would die when i opened the garage hahahahha
Lamster 66
Lamster 66 преди 14 дни
next week my 1999 SAAB 93 Aero
Lars Assinck
Lars Assinck преди 15 дни
This is just a less serious Car sos
MrAli171 преди 16 дни
Definitely a very decent thing to do
Julian Owens
Julian Owens преди 17 дни
What a lovely guy
Adrian Hinds
Adrian Hinds преди 17 дни
Missed the chance to change over to lugs instead of bolts, good job guys
JKs преди 17 дни
Thumbs up for Car Throttle doing this. Wish James keeps his spirit up and a good recovery.
S S преди 18 дни
They should’ve just bought him used same year toyota corolla and it would’ve outlasted ten new Mini’s
S S преди 18 дни
Eangland version of Pimp My Ride lol
TheJademan85 преди 18 дни
Call this sh "Back To The Life" and be happy with it! 😁
John boys heart ❤
John boys heart ❤ преди 18 дни
I swear on my boys life, I've pulled over for more ambulances in the last 2 weeks in Huddersfield, its happening 💉⚰
uisperfect email
uisperfect email преди 18 дни
I just watched some gibbons care for each other in a personalized and extraordinary way. 🙏🏼
Scott Reska
Scott Reska преди 18 дни
Your video needs better lighting. It's difficult to watch when everything is in shadow or... yellow. Beyond my critique, phenomenal job.
Steve, TheDailyShaver
Steve, TheDailyShaver преди 19 дни
i watched, i joined & id like to see a update from james maybe for an oilchange service as an excuse
Alex Tripp
Alex Tripp преди 19 дни
Top man, ya Dad's Mini lives on, nice one Car Throttle. Alex.
Wang 王驚雷
Wang 王驚雷 преди 19 дни
Should of done my old Corsa B 😯
Dirkxke преди 19 дни
R53's are awesome! Have fun!
BoondockSaintRyan преди 20 дни
What's up with the podcast????
Henk Scheerooren
Henk Scheerooren преди 20 дни
Wow, amazing how attention to detail can bring out so much out of an older Mini. The Miltek is the icing on the cake. Wishing you happy driving days ahead James, and stay safe and get well 🙏
I'm_James преди 18 дни
That milltek is Awesome 👌 👏 👍. It needs a tune, better brakes and suspension. The tyres are great 👍 👌 But my alloys are Heavy!!!!.. I want a road legal, track weapon
Shawkat Rahman
Shawkat Rahman преди 20 дни
Ppl were crying tears of blood when the original top gear crew went to amazon ...these guys can step up...hardly ever makes a bad show...smone give them a show on netflix or itv whatever ...this is great.
Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi
Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi преди 21 ден
25:54 you like Pink? "you just have to say you are fine but you are not fine........"
Donn Marquez
Donn Marquez преди 21 ден
D H преди 21 ден
absolute bunch of gents ❤️
Alex Renault
Alex Renault преди 21 ден
Car sos. But decent 👌
mic wang
mic wang преди 22 дни
wow,amazing job,the mini is reborn, love
Gaute Larsen
Gaute Larsen преди 23 дни
Thank you for bringing this man some happiness !
LoveVW LTD преди 23 дни
Should have cleaned the engine and underparts while you had them off but appreciate the detailing on the exterior!
willow Eley
willow Eley преди 23 дни
I know how you feel fella, I use to work with autism, I received a punch to my appendix from him, that ruptured my vagus nerve, resulting In being told I'm terminally sick, I went from 22½stn to 6stn2lb in10 months I can no longer eat or drink so I have a line inserted into my chest and it stops at my then attached to a pump fir 12 hrs and have feed pumped through, my liver and kidneys now act as my stomcah I have nurses twice a day everyday, I have medication 15 times a day there's other things wrong , I've also got extreme depression and anxiety severe night terrors and extreme ptsd with suicidal tendencies
bike mad
bike mad преди 23 дни
brilliant job done car throttle and congrats to james on your dads mini ,you all done an amazing job well done
Kidd Wong
Kidd Wong преди 24 дни
I love these videos of you guys working on cars the most. Amazing job guys.
qtrml преди 24 дни
Andy Saunders
Andy Saunders преди 24 дни
Designed and assembled by Germans. That's the problem. I sold my last BMW for $100. Probably the worst car I've ever owned - even worse than the Peugeot or the PT Cruiser - which, oddly was assembled in Europe too. Japanese or Korean every time now, thanks
Ron Ferber
Ron Ferber преди 25 дни
good job, but no steam clean engine/bay ??
gico преди 25 дни
Is no one going to talk about the Wow Wow Wee Wow Borat reference.
Charles Hua
Charles Hua преди 26 дни
The car wash guys collection is like my wife’s hair product collection
Herb Greenwood
Herb Greenwood преди 26 дни
Primo results. What a wonderful gesture to make someone happy and restore this beautiful Mini.
Harley Robertson
Harley Robertson преди 26 дни
26:35 it's got a butt moustache 😄
nigspeed преди 27 дни
Well done for helping the guy out . For anybody else doing those bushes at the rear of the A arms, just drop the whole front subframe, makes it much easier and change the anti roll bar bushes and inner ball joints at the same time . Also more space to change the driveshaft too .
Jibby Go
Jibby Go преди 28 дни
10:55 epic
Gamershellboy1 преди 28 дни
1:37 I felt his throat tighten. Respect man❤️
Jesper Goltzstraße
Jesper Goltzstraße преди месец
Wah-wah-wee-wah! :D
asynchronous преди месец
Nice plate on the mx5 at 18:54 !
Cheryl Cold
Cheryl Cold преди месец
This type of episode is brilliant, that Mini is like a new car. Couldn't help noticing though that James' crouches are taller than Gareth.
sixx sense
sixx sense преди месец
amazing job
ulis riyanto
ulis riyanto преди месец
His car much better than mine 😅😅😅,
ulis riyanto
ulis riyanto преди месец
I've been your sub for long time, how about restoring my engine, my engine feel strange, it's an old civic, made in 2000
Astle Truscott
Astle Truscott преди месец
Poor lad. Hope he gets better one day
MikMech преди месец
This has been up for exactly a month. Why are there 165 Thumbs Down? No pleasing some people, with miserable lives.
DRIVER46 преди месец
Great stuff , car looks and sounds great. Happiness and hope you brought to James is so rewarding.
Szabolcs Nagy
Szabolcs Nagy преди месец
Stay strong brotha. I feel for ya. Just know you are not alone
I'm_James преди 27 дни
Strong words bro.. 💪 Thanku
Sid Rens
Sid Rens преди месец
What a diamond of a guy!!! What an awesome car, designed by a good friend of mine 👍
Rasta Hash
Rasta Hash преди месец
I wish u could fix my family car, it probably won’t pass the mot next January
Bike Sales
Bike Sales преди месец
Having owned a R53 Cooper S which was near £300 to tax a year 🙁It was alot of fun though very grippy and to be honest being stoned and crashing it into a curb after exiting a roundabout costed alot of time because I didn’t know what the heck I was doing with it. I had to get mobile tyre mechanic out because It was getting dark by which time a car weirdly broke down behind me and it was a Vw Passat diesel which had a punctured tyre compared to my run flats which are costly too at the time of me owning it my dad decided to buy one 🤭😂
Gary Taylor
Gary Taylor преди месец
really nice thing to do lads. well done
ambread allan
ambread allan преди месец
Lot black smoke blowing out the back of it tho.
ambread allan
ambread allan преди месец
Well in👍
Mr C
Mr C преди месец
Wholesome pimp my ride
wesley reid
wesley reid преди месец
Bloody lovely thing to do guys, awesome job and thanks to all involved weather you did something for free, discounted or supply. I love seeing vids like this as it’s a way for a BGpostr to give back to a fan that definitely deserves it.
FirstName LastName
FirstName LastName преди месец
Here in Ireland it gets harder and harder to insure cars as they get older. More and more insurance companies "drop out" as a car hits 10 and then 15 years old. Which is a shame. A lot of the time people are forced to buy a boring 8 year old car instead of a cool 12 year old car. And their very cool 15 year old car might just go to the scrapyard because they don't want to put the money into maintaining it in case nobody will insure them.
Eduardo Antunes
Eduardo Antunes преди месец
Hoping James got back on his feet to enjoy that amazing mini. Lots of happy miles for many years!
Jezza I BM
Jezza I BM преди месец
my dad has a mk2 cortina and has left it in his back garden rotting away for around 6-9 years but he keeps talking about refurbishing it but what puts him off is the price it will cost him, he believes it will cost him around £6000 and that’s a lot of money for my dad, he really loves the car and it’s worthless to him (many people have offered him money for the car and he always has said no) work causing him to be busy meant the car had to sit there as it can’t be used and parked out front as there very easy to steal as he has said to me so he uses the back gardens drive area to keep the car, really hope you see this as I believe it will be a really fun episode as a mk2 cortina is something from the past. If you was to do this the joy and happiness he would gain back would make me so appreciative. Thanks boys
Marcelo Mateus
Marcelo Mateus преди месец
Man...what a moving story. Good to know he’s doing well.
Goonie 1982
Goonie 1982 преди месец
car looked amazing you guys did an awesome job , and the guy really clearly appreciated it
luke mann
luke mann преди месец
I need your guys help with my mk1 mx5 the engine has gone there's a load of rust and I refuse to get rid of it but I need your guys help to fix it
Lee Han Ving
Lee Han Ving преди месец
Great work! This reminds me of Car SOS.
Lowkey Sykes
Lowkey Sykes преди месец
Amazing work lads.
Ghepardo GTS
Ghepardo GTS преди месец
(Properly) Pimp my ride! Wish there was a test drive segment in the end. What a great job you guys have done!
yeahitskimmel преди месец
If the AC is "just out of gas" how exactly did that gas escape?
gs преди месец
as you use the A/C, it gets used
Devon Brook
Devon Brook преди месец
This is definitely something I can watch on regular 👌🏽
Dave C
Dave C преди месец
Why do people who have LED or Xenon headlights leave dirty yellow sidelight bulbs in,looks awful
Dave C
Dave C преди месец
Watched about 15 mins but that guys infantile humour just became too irritating sorry
Gareth Hall
Gareth Hall преди месец
Awesome video! You guys need to try a mini for a cheap car challenge, bought mine intending to own for like 2 months when my insurance didn't pay out properly and now owned it for more than 18 months, they are incredible little cars for the price
Jabber 1974
Jabber 1974 преди месец
Car Sausage but without the moronic presenters
Leigh Gordon
Leigh Gordon преди месец
This is brilliant keep it up guys. Would love to nominate my car haha. Its great to see someone appreciate that much
Jonathan Thirlwell
Jonathan Thirlwell преди месец
Class job! If you fancy working on a fiesta feel free to consider me😂
Adz Mc
Adz Mc преди месец
You guys are really nice for helping people like him. That is very humble and it takes a lot to me cry. You guys should do this every blue moon.
khashiem hassan
khashiem hassan преди месец
can you do my BMW750il and 850Ci? that would be great :-)
TheSimple112 112
TheSimple112 112 преди месец
He kinda sound’s like Frankieonpcin1080p
Tim Inman
Tim Inman преди месец
Bless you guys. All the best with your success.
Eugene & Carin Swart
Eugene & Carin Swart преди месец
Flippen cool!! You've done an awesome job, not only on the cosmetics but the hard work that makes it go vroom. Lovely to see what you're doing with your '' giving back'' to your viewers series. Love your channel. Digs your attitude & best of luck for the next one. They stole my car and I can't afford a new one. My wife's in a wheelchair after an accident and to see what you're doing gives us hope in humanity. Thanks from South Africa. Eugene
Si st
Si st преди месец
fair do's lads lovely idea and James hope you feel better soon
Ruel Stanford
Ruel Stanford преди месец
As a mini lover I love what u have done for him and may be one day I will be behind the wheel of a mini again but blessings to u cause u made him so happy 😊
Jed Harris
Jed Harris преди месец
when is the next podcast
Mark Waterhouse
Mark Waterhouse преди месец
Swapped my r53 for an slk, regrets I've had a few lol. These are awesome cars to drive
Anthony Michael
Anthony Michael преди месец
This a great man. Couldn’t have found a more deserving guy.
LukeTheDude преди месец
How hard is it to work on an old mini like this? Ang advice, tips or tricks?
Tyler M.
Tyler M. преди месец
This series is AMAZING. Way to give back boys.
Tyler M.
Tyler M. преди месец
Absolute legend James, keep on going man we are all rooting for you!
NFSINSANE преди месец
You can't save those turd Mini's and he's insane for even trying
Dave Shaw
Dave Shaw преди месец
Well played guys. Excellent work.
GJK Electrical
GJK Electrical преди месец
Fancy upgrading my transit custom? 👀
renato mu
renato mu преди месец
Car overheats ? Fan is kicking in
Brian Poulter
Brian Poulter преди месец
Glad we were able to help supply some of parts you needed here at North Oxford Mini 😊
Parknest преди месец
This is more like Car SOS than Pimp My Ride. Alex, Jack and Ethan (one of the real Holy Trinities on YT) should do more of these episodes.
brendan carter
brendan carter преди месец
Rims look like a unicorn ate dates and did a shit!
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