Can We Flip A Car For Profit?

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Auto Trader prides itself on being the most trusted automotive marketplace, check out their channel here:

And their website here:

This week, the guys have got £5000 to spend on a car that they'll fix up, and (hopefully) flip for a healthy profit!

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FaeRhanX преди 2 дни
If your name is Masterchief, sure. Flip your flipped car back onto it's wheels and profit. It's ready again to go.
gopal krishna
gopal krishna преди 17 дни
Ethan I am interested to buy a car . Can you suggest me one with international driving licence and luxurious car
dudevinci преди 18 дни
I thought listing a car on autotrader was free
Mattias Rudolphi
Mattias Rudolphi преди 18 дни
The UK car prices are just ridiculous 😅 £4k for a 500 Abarth... Closest one I can find in Sweden, although much newer, is £9700. An identical Up same year, 3 door red with about the same mileage, without the bad door, and cleaned. £5500
I E преди 28 дни
Reporting the and you snake 🐍 😂
Martin Durych
Martin Durych преди месец
Does youtube profit count?
Dillan Mistry
Dillan Mistry преди месец
I’m very happy that the vw up is highly recommended as a first car thanks
Black Cat
Black Cat преди месец
James Baker
James Baker преди месец
leaving this comment while watching a 20 second non skipable ad😐
Carl Marcus
Carl Marcus преди месец
The snapoing needs to be a thing
FFCFulham94 преди месец
Rory "spend 5g on a corsa, everyone's first car is a corsa" Also Rory "whose got 5 grand to spend on a swift for their first car"
Warre Schuurmans
Warre Schuurmans преди месец
You said that he has the best reviews,... Why you betray the one and only review dragrace-god Mat Watson
George Fourtinas
George Fourtinas преди месец
benzinapaul преди месец
Why didn't you put a new MOT on it for the sake of £40? Comical
qhpproductions преди месец
Sorry did you say that had 1500 horsepower 😂😂
Perica Petrovik
Perica Petrovik преди месец
70£ for an advert? Fuck that ill use facebook
gigglebob69 преди месец
I love Rory but bringing him in killed the dynamic you guys had
PLK_ORBIT9224 преди месец
got to be nice to no people lowest i have been told for my fiesta 1.4tdci timing belt is £600
Ash R
Ash R преди месец
TG made a massive mistake dropping Rory. He's extremely good
Emmanuel Gonzalez-Soto
Emmanuel Gonzalez-Soto преди месец
3:50 Rory “There’s a Dog next to you” 3:52 Alex *Immense fear
B Ri
B Ri преди месец
Lads those hubcaps……. No
Vtine преди месец
Little much with the adverts...otherwise, solid as always
C.N. Crowther
C.N. Crowther преди месец
Cambelts on the VW Up and derivatives are continental long life belts. They're supposed to be done after 120k or something.
gigglebob69 преди месец
Rory the only food part of Top Gear left
cyka blyat
cyka blyat преди месец
i keep thinking wtf are these choices they keep looking at, worst taste in cars, and then i remember that they are british lol.
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov преди месец
is saying"....or maybe it's just close to dinner time?
car cctv
car cctv преди месец
You couldn't pick up the worse wheel caps 😂
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi преди месец
I love how the dog just staring at alex and thinking "what the hell are you doing mate" 😅
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov преди месец
Screw AutoTrader I’ve had my merc for half its value and not had a phone call, it’s been 6 months.
Augusto Rocha
Augusto Rocha преди месец
Seeing Ethan slowly getting excited with cars is just wholesome
Ryan M
Ryan M преди месец
Would never pay to advertise a car lol specially over £70
The Music Hub
The Music Hub преди месец
Not sure that I'd want to buy a car which hasn't had an oil change in the last 5 years tbh
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi преди месец
I definitely would have made the effort to get official vw hubcaps to make it look stock
Mark Spark
Mark Spark преди месец
what products do you use for cleaning the car ?
French20cent преди месец
"Okay so he's rolled it" Well...
SonOfTheRightHand29 преди месец
I'm only 8 minutes in, but the "enthusiast" cars on the list are a Vauxhall Corsa, a blacked out ford fiesta and a fiat 500 lol, get Ethan back in the chair man
sokin jon
sokin jon преди месец
I love how the dog just staring at alex and thinking "what the hell are you doing mate" 😅
jay Benjamin
jay Benjamin преди месец
Fiat 500. First time drivers young drivers
Allex_O'Neill преди месец
I also don't know what it is but I can't get on bored with Vauxhall cars
cnan34 преди месец
i see a lot of middle age men in fiat 500 abarths lmao :D
MaximusJohal преди месец
Vauxhall use to look nice until Peugeot took over now they look like shoe boxes.
sokin jon
sokin jon преди месец
Was waiting for content:} nice autotrader Ad.
deepchillzone преди месец
15:26 did you say 20 a year? Here in The Netherlands we pay a minimum of 20 euro a month for a driving trashcan on wheels!
Panic At The Tesco
Panic At The Tesco преди месец
Top tier… lol, mine never comes up in search
Panic At The Tesco
Panic At The Tesco преди месец
AutoTrader incorrectly detected the spec of my car, terrible experience would never use it again
Panic At The Tesco
Panic At The Tesco преди месец
Screw AutoTrader I’ve had my merc for half its value and not had a phone call, it’s been 6 months.
Thomas Helbers
Thomas Helbers преди месец
Why not some original VW hubcaps? Don’t cost a fortune either en looks heaps better…
Sam преди месец
I definitely would have made the effort to get official vw hubcaps to make it look stock
Callum Harvey
Callum Harvey преди месец
Sam Bebbington
Sam Bebbington преди месец
Imagine watching Car throttle and you see your car and driveway on BGpost
Alosius Columberg
Alosius Columberg преди месец
I will never understand why private or commercial dealers try to lie to you and make pictures that hide dents and stuff. It's just wasting people's time... You will see and probably drive the car eventually, so what do they think? "I will lie to them and when they are here I can make it look like there is nothing wrong with the car."?!
EDC Gadgets
EDC Gadgets преди месец
Ayyyy washing a car with chemicals on normal surface without a drain with an oil-separator would get you a heavy fine and potentially a report for willful damage of the environment (I speak for Germany)
Ayden Van Buuren
Ayden Van Buuren преди месец
sorry but Matt Watson at Carwow reviews are the best online !
caden swain
caden swain преди месец
This channel inspired me to go hunt through marketplace and buy a pos car.(first decent car) Ended up being a 1999 Toyota corolla with the 5 speed manual for $650.nothing major wrong with it(Slight exhaust leak at the weld in front of the cad), no rust, no engine issues, it drinks a tiny bit of oil (common issue with that generation). Has a new clutch, new struts on all 4 corners, and 4 new tyres. Everything works other than the front left speaker and the back right speaker.
rob adams
rob adams преди месец
Was waiting for content:} nice autotrader Ad.
Robin Janssen
Robin Janssen преди месец
11:51 why not just buy the subaru in the back?
A Stick & 3 Pedals
A Stick & 3 Pedals преди месец
UK road tax is so much cheaper compared to the rest of Europe
MrJurand преди месец
To be honest. Advert cost more than 20£ is a commission for sale not advertising help 😀😀😀
rymxo преди месец
Ethan looks a bit different in this one.
1nnu3ndo преди месец
That Busso shirt
ikarrusProductions преди месец
I got my e46 320ci listed for over 6 weeks now :(
miko foin
miko foin преди месец
Having the VW alloys would make a big difference. Great car anyway, keep up
Joao Pedro Afonso Cerqueira
Joao Pedro Afonso Cerqueira преди месец
Excellent petrolheart t-shirt Alex.K. , have the same!
Filip Wennergren
Filip Wennergren преди месец
Aftermarket wheel hub caps is wheeler dealer... OEM is a good word imho.
Wumpus- преди месец
next time i recommend flipping german saloon like audi bmw or mercedes
Borat Sagdiyev
Borat Sagdiyev преди месец
I cant be the only one thinking you were about to roll a car.
miko foin
miko foin преди месец
It’s in the interest of auto trader that your cars sells otherwise you’ll use a different platform.!go with the cheapest 2 week option
mark houston
mark houston преди месец
Whens the cbt?
Attila Dóri
Attila Dóri преди месец
an aygo/c1/107 is better
Da Bozz
Da Bozz преди месец
I used to love this show but now it has lost its luster. And it's all paid advertisements. I'm out
Cassette Walkman
Cassette Walkman преди месец
Once again CT channeling Mike Brewer. He did the Trading Up series but he made it world-wide. The first series went from buying a shitbox Suzuki in India to a Ferrari (or was it a Porsche?) in the Middle East.
Ross Bramley
Ross Bramley преди месец
ethan looks different in this episode. did he have a haircut?
niddg viiut
niddg viiut преди месец
Wheeler Dealers, BGpost Edition.
Jon Dow - Aka DerbJD
Jon Dow - Aka DerbJD преди месец
I don't know how people get on selling a car that's not even been cleaned inside and out. A £15 valet would do all that for you. Lazy.
AhK71286 преди месец
no way! you are like 5 mins from my house! looks like waterlooville industrial estate.
Non155 преди месец
Stevo-63 преди месец
Am i,could i be the only person who believes Vauxhall have become the most boring car brand out there at the moment? I’ve owned loads over the years,preferred them to Fords.But this latest crop are dull as dishwater
Steven Tang
Steven Tang преди месец
Everybody will now know this car only costs them £3k, well done
djg1ll преди месец
It’s in the interest of auto trader that your cars sells otherwise you’ll use a different platform.!go with the cheapest 2 week option
stephen mimnagh
stephen mimnagh преди месец
Class channel well done lads
Bharat Modi
Bharat Modi преди месец
Lovely mk1 CRX for sale on auto trader
Vauxhallmadnessuk преди месец
How dare you Alex.
dolita windo
dolita windo преди месец
Funny how they’re saying cars up North are cheaper. We always say cars down South are cheaper 😂
Davo G
Davo G преди месец
20min advert for auto trader is a bit dull and out of character for you guys. Hope the payout was worth it.
Robert Gasser
Robert Gasser преди месец
Mexicola преди месец
Gen Z Z "Zed"
dolita windo
dolita windo преди месец
look shittier than before
Edna Ganić
Edna Ganić преди месец
Wheeler Dealers, BGpost Edition.
Melvin Nnamah
Melvin Nnamah преди месец
This is just a really long autotrader advert
Max Nugteren
Max Nugteren преди месец
20 QUID A YEAR? Holy crap im paying €75 a month for my e36 here in The Netherlands, how crazy
Daniel van Slooten
Daniel van Slooten преди месец
Can You Keep Up The Podcast For Reliability?
Harkiplyer Gaming
Harkiplyer Gaming преди месец
Day one of me asking you to buy a budget supra
kraenk12 преди месец
The racing stripes and wrong wheel covers rather diminished the worth of the car, dudes.
blazedxjan преди месец
Thats a cute lil car. The US doesn't get anything cool smh
Pilcrow преди месец
Stick a National Trust sticker on the windscreen.
40 year old skater
40 year old skater преди месец
Sorry guys but I used to think you knew a little about cars ,but after these car choices .....sorry disappointing. Cars a cheaper down south ( much more populated areas) .😑
c r
c r преди месец
Mk4 golf GTi
Tim Marinšek
Tim Marinšek преди месец
what are does clown shoes at 20:50 #jk
Alex A
Alex A преди месец
It looked snazzy then you made it look like an old mans car and aged it 20 years with them vile silver trims and that shitty vinyl sticker 🤮Alex has a unique knack of making cars look shittier than before
Nathan преди месец
My girlfriend bought a rock up! Had heated seats, satnav, 16 inch alloys, a factory low line kit with a spoiler and privacy glass. Wicked little car. Hers had 75 BHP tho 😂
salman khan
salman khan преди месец
@carthrottle we want cheap track built episodes Not flipping cars
Mark Lee
Mark Lee преди месец
I watch.all you have I've a challenge for you I've a sheet ka Roadster Mot April next year Run it about I will.tell You on camera. How much I paid for it It's a 55plate Up for it
C C преди месец
No one young wants a corsa unless their girlfriend is still in school
DataC0llect0r преди месец
Cars are so fckn cheap in the UK 🤣
Y преди месец
This is gon be a good series
Y преди месец
wen i herd golf gti tho i jus suddenly became a lot more interested
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