£5000 American Vs Euro Vs JDM Sports Car Challenge: Part 2

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This week, Alex, Ethan and Jack take their £5000 European, American and JDM cars through another set of challenges before letting the public vote which car is coolest!

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Da Stew
Da Stew преди 5 дни
PT cruiser is so ugly that I had to watch this in 190p.
Zwam98 преди 5 дни
You guys give us the nostalgic old top gear vibes, hats off to you
Derpelevista преди 5 дни
PT Cruiser burnout is just keep handbrake up and floor it, it's FWD and you where trying to do a RWD burnout, and you call yourself petrol heads but don't know difference on FWD and RWD burnouts, lmao
Techsting преди 6 дни
Add some budget and hate between the hosts, and this could be the Grand Tour
Bobby N
Bobby N преди 7 дни
With the pt (as bad of a car as it is) since its fwd the handbrake on would have made the burnout much easier and dont hit the front brakes. (I may or may not have done that in one before)
Hugo Barroso
Hugo Barroso преди 8 дни
Porch all time auto cars is shit
Big Cazza
Big Cazza преди 9 дни
your lucky "aussie car" wasnt an option, 250E (500ish aud) au falcon id be doing 360s up the straight in the skid challenge
Big Cazza
Big Cazza преди 9 дни
Tobias Belz
Tobias Belz преди 12 дни
The Cockster certainly isn't the best looking. It's slightly above the PT Loser. Nissan for the win.
xtrada HALE
xtrada HALE преди 14 дни
I dont understand how they get these cars for 5000 pounds even with the difference in the euro and the pound ( 5800 ) i cant find a single 300ZX or a boxter in Belgium or holland.
MyMixes2002 преди 18 дни
Alfred Noalkes
Alfred Noalkes преди 29 дни
Turned off after you mentioned a burnout challenge, realised I was too old to be here.
Martin Gebert
Martin Gebert преди месец
😂😂 Please more of this!!!
Firion Razar
Firion Razar преди месец
Thanks for filling the void in my heart for good automotive comedy!
GudVybêz преди месец
Did they not realize the pt cruiser it fwd?
e92dan преди месец
It’s like a budget top gear and I fucking love it
Maximilian Carpelan
Maximilian Carpelan преди месец
Porsche all day
Mark Evans
Mark Evans преди месец
5,000 pounds? That's awfully heavy innit? 😅😅😅
Bradley Meyer
Bradley Meyer преди месец
As an American I think I can speak on behalf on all Americans, no one in America likes the PT Cruiser.
Archie Wright
Archie Wright преди месец
that zx is so beautiful im in awe how on earth did he get that for 5k
Eke-laur Raide
Eke-laur Raide преди месец
2.12 driving teacher of the year.
IMNOTA преди месец
You can see those guys weren't the kind to whip it around a maccas parking lot or they'd know a fwd burnout is done with the handbrake and no foot brake...
Ariel Marmor
Ariel Marmor преди месец
Porsche is not the best looking, that 300ZX is by far he nicest and the one I would want
Alex Radaz
Alex Radaz преди месец
Vote for these 3 for top gear take over
Harry'sRCgarage преди месец
kyle wallace
kyle wallace преди месец
Insult to America using our shittiest car ever
Shiv135 преди месец
This is top gear prime content!
raketa98 преди месец
300zx all day long 😀
Hey Gek
Hey Gek преди месец
14:37 Those shocks need replacing, what a bouncy boy
The Pt could have done much better I'm surprised Alex didn't realize it was fwd and he just needed to keep the handbrake up
CharloPlays Official
CharloPlays Official преди месец
300zx is the coolest
newphone whodis
newphone whodis преди месец
Why didn't they use the hand brake to do the burnout in a fwd car?
Aditya Chhetri
Aditya Chhetri преди месец
Alex is kind of like Hammond, Ethan reminds me of May, Jack is like Clarkson ??
Madyotto Yotto
Madyotto Yotto преди месец
Help me fix my car there are only 3 left on the road Love the show Jdm all day long for me it's just sexy
Karan Tamizhan
Karan Tamizhan преди месец
carspotter Vincent
carspotter Vincent преди месец
Geef me maar de boxster
Charles преди месец
Why weren't these guys the replacement for Richard, James and Jeremy!
Yonashi_19 преди месец
300zx the best
Theblowofvalve преди месец
Could this be a sequal to topgear
Omar Smith
Omar Smith преди месец
I've driven for almost 10 years, never driven a convertible. Lads, what am I missing?
RockFox! преди месец
Crush the 300ZX
Henry Hudd
Henry Hudd преди месец
That pt cruiser is absolutely BEAUTIFUL
Mohammed Benbrika
Mohammed Benbrika преди 2 месеца
The 300zx reminds me of an eb110 for some reason
Antonp21654 преди 2 месеца
I'm torn between the 300ZX and the Boxter. But leaning towards the Boxter.
That Dope Dude
That Dope Dude преди 2 месеца
The 300zx doesn't look good, do people like it just because its Japanese?
That Dope Dude
That Dope Dude преди 2 месеца
@Sukhdev R34i mean all of them look bad but if i had to choose for 5000£ i would take the Porsche because of its mid engine
Sukhdev R34
Sukhdev R34 преди 2 месеца
In my opinion it looks good, better than the Boxster.
ZeronXL преди 2 месеца
Ok let's vote here, if you had to choose what to drive, a PT Cruiser or a Fiat Multipla or just have one of your legs cut off, which would you choose? XD
JrpMechanics преди 2 месеца
300zx looks a lot better than the egg headlighted Boxter, just plain looking
Working class GTR
Working class GTR преди 2 месеца
300 has gotta be the coolest, 90s JDM for the win!
Cameron преди 2 месеца
The Maguires wheel cleaner is like drugs it's so satisfying when you wash really dirty wheels.
Chad Gibbish
Chad Gibbish преди 2 месеца
11:35 Evidently has never seen a #Aztek
Tax in italian
Tax in italian преди 2 месеца
Uh. Is nobody gonna talk about the fact that the 300ZX isn't JDM?
ZimmyMTB преди 2 месеца
you'd think that a well-established automotive youtuber would know how to perform a burnout in a fwd car. tried to do a burnout using the brake pedal instead of the e-brake? cars use a front biased braking system, applying more braking to the front than the rear, rendering your fwd burnout efforts futile. unsubscribed.
Flyinsprinter преди 2 месеца
Hey Alex! Why are you cheating with fuel? XD You had to cut with fueling! You have to proof that it is really that eco!
Jburick 912
Jburick 912 преди 2 месеца
Please do not judge Chrysler off the PT 😩
Jburick 912
Jburick 912 преди 2 месеца
they probably dont even take credit for that
Dame Suders
Dame Suders преди 2 месеца
Did y’all really put a PT cruiser a failed old person’s retirement car, up against two sports cars smh LOL
Stay Frosty
Stay Frosty преди 2 месеца
Lmao of course Ethan won the car wash challenge because his car kept getting wet and he had to keep redo-ing his work.
Turbocharged преди 2 месеца
I love that 300ZX looks so good!
Mark Goudsblom
Mark Goudsblom преди 2 месеца
These three characters play so well together
Dillon Crossland
Dillon Crossland преди 2 месеца
If your in a fwd car like the pt cruiser you can pull the e-brake and just dump the clutch. It makes it a lot easier in low powered cars because it doesn’t slow down the motor from using the front brakes
Damian Topola
Damian Topola преди 2 месеца
300zx is best
Josiah Quinton
Josiah Quinton преди 2 месеца
On what planet, is a PT Cruiser a "sports car"???
heystirke300 преди 2 месеца
More of these please!!!! Love it!
PRL Reviews
PRL Reviews преди 2 месеца
@ 11:33: that look you give your friends when you know your doing something dangerous but their going to love it 🤣🏎💨
cyka blyat
cyka blyat преди 2 месеца
why are they trying burnout in front wheel drive car with normal brakes not parking brake????????
Abs Hassan
Abs Hassan преди 2 месеца
very entertaining fellas, you all have such charisma behind the camera and it wasn't too long and boring like others (cough cough cartrek)
Justin Bellavance
Justin Bellavance преди 2 месеца
Why did u picked a pt cruiser when u could have picked a mustang, a corvette or a mustang
Stephen Cresswell
Stephen Cresswell преди 2 месеца
I call bullshit on all the MPG figures.
paulmaartin преди 2 месеца
for 5k he could have bought a pt cruiser with the turbo
Tyler Begin
Tyler Begin преди 2 месеца
8:39 The Porsche is the WHAT looking?!
1nnu3ndo преди 2 месеца
I still can't get my head around that you can get a 300ZX for 5k
PaulThatWalks преди 2 месеца
who the fucked up minds say that a pt cruiser is a sports car
ThatSteveDude преди 2 месеца
Love this kind of series, amazing chill along with a coffee kind of video. I really hope you get to have a huge budget cause it's so much passion about cars and nothing feels like it's forced comedy and shit on this channel. Lots of love guys!
Andy Willis
Andy Willis преди 2 месеца
porsche is naturally aspirated, the PT is hella heavy, the zx is bi turbo..the mpg test was useless from the start
Kermit The Frog
Kermit The Frog преди 2 месеца
The 300ZX is my dream car
One46ix преди 2 месеца
He needs to manual swap that 300zx
dptelecom преди 2 месеца
300zx to the win
Wild Racoons
Wild Racoons преди 2 месеца
Jose Gutierrez
Jose Gutierrez преди 2 месеца
300ZX for the win
sidewayssam преди 2 месеца
You can’t do a burnout and hold the car on the footbrake in a frontwheel drive car alex 😂😂😂😂now had you have left the handbrake on? All day long 😂😂😂
Lee Taylor
Lee Taylor преди 2 месеца
@3:00 That was freaking coooool
Matty Sea
Matty Sea преди 2 месеца
300. No contest
Jonas Baine
Jonas Baine преди 2 месеца
Why not use old mustang???
Ronin преди 2 месеца
Alex teaching Ethan how to do a RWD burnout in a FWD car, ffs! lol!
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni преди 2 месеца
"Handbrake down" In the PT? It's FWD, that's the only car there with a factory line lock.
Jackson Paul
Jackson Paul преди 2 месеца
We’re just gonna forget there’s a brand new Lava Orange GT3 behind them😂
Samuel Hewson
Samuel Hewson преди 2 месеца
Just pull the ebrake and dump the clutch on a fwd.
Samuel Hewson
Samuel Hewson преди 2 месеца
U guys are the first people in history to call a pt cruiser a sports car.
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni преди 2 месеца
How was it not a standing burnout challenge? Pulling the e-brake on the PT should've been an easy win for a FWD.
Gianfranco Russo
Gianfranco Russo преди 2 месеца
Loved the glimpse of the 190e
Gianfranco Russo
Gianfranco Russo преди 2 месеца
Do a series fixing up that 300ZX 🙏🙏😍
Gary McGurk
Gary McGurk преди 2 месеца
Rather have podcast back then these
Jak Lawrence
Jak Lawrence преди 2 месеца
I actually can't think of a more hateful car than the PT Cruiser. I'd probably take anything over one of those; hell I'd rather take the bus.
Doctor911 преди 2 месеца
This is already bs…a pt cruiser is what the 5k American is for this ? Is definitely no fair ground. Get a camero from the same era and then we would have a real challenge. You put a grocery getter up against a z? I guess content is content and clicks are clicks. I watched 3 seconds. You win 🏆
2 8
2 8 преди 2 месеца
You can't get a Camero in the UK for £5,000
FidoTheClown преди 2 месеца
I never knew that PT Cruiser was a sports car.
Mihai Laurentiu
Mihai Laurentiu преди 2 месеца
The z32 comes with an lsd so thats why the burnout was real good.
Charkieee преди 2 месеца
I went on the mot history checker and it says the 300zx spent 13 years between 2008-2021 with no mot and in that time it’s done 400 miles🤣🤣 also the pt cruiser has only done a 1000 miles in the last 6 years😭
Floyd Nash Fix It Dad
Floyd Nash Fix It Dad преди 2 месеца
You really should have chosen a better example of a US car. The PT Cruiser is a crap car in the US too. It's slow, ugly, and any other negative word you can think of. It's a grandma car. A dung beetle would have been a better choice.
kyle braine
kyle braine преди 2 месеца
i bet i can get the pt cruiser to blow its tiers up hit me up if you what me to prove it
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon преди 2 месеца
Alex hasn’t got a clue, pressing the brake while trying to do a burn out in a FWD car! 🤦🏻‍♂️
xanzar21 преди 2 месеца
annnd the camera car wins the mpg challenge
FendergodGaming преди 2 месеца
300zx is the best looking car for sure
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