Meet The Man With The Ultimate Car Enthusiast Collection

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We caught up with car collector Thomas Yu Lee to check out his awesome collection of Porsches and JDM icons!

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An idiot in a racing car
An idiot in a racing car преди ден
The Ultimate *Porsche* Enthusiast Collection
UK Abandoned Mine Explores
UK Abandoned Mine Explores преди ден
Naa, this channel is not about content like this :( We want to see 3 everyday blokes having a laugh and making fools of themselves, not some rich asshole boosting his ego.
Robert Bates
Robert Bates преди 2 дни
It's a 9 minute Michelin advert.
Suraj Aranha
Suraj Aranha преди 7 дни
Ultimate car "Enthusiast" collection? DId Jay Leno sell his collection? This dude buys cars based on it looks. Doesn't even test drive the car.
UDBA преди 7 дни
This guy seems like a guy that would let you drive his cars if you are in to cars
Mr.Nelloxx преди 8 дни
Hm.. I thought of Harry, honestly
Francisque S
Francisque S преди 15 дни
Where's the S2000?
Marciaus007 преди 18 дни
Socks with flip flops... I bet he drives with the as well...
BoondockSaintRyan преди 20 дни
What's up with the podcast????
Tony C
Tony C преди 20 дни
wow~ so cool!
Alex Yord
Alex Yord преди 21 ден
Amasing video ! More like it please ! 😌
dark13art преди 22 дни
You can't call yourself a Porsche fanatic when you BUTCHER Ferdinand Porsche name and say PorshA- WTF - you just guy with money, not Porsche enthusiast!! - Still I Like your collection:D
swag rebex gamer
swag rebex gamer преди 22 дни
I tought they were going to be in it too
Eugene & Carin Swart
Eugene & Carin Swart преди 23 дни
Hi Me and my wife watch every single video of yours. She lost her leg in an accident but still loves to drive. I would love to see her happy again. I lost my job, our car got stolen and we recently lost our home. We stay in a back room and sleep on a single bed together. She tells me every day what a wonderful husband I am, but I feel so useless because I cannot even buy her a car or get a house to stay in. No work here and it's hard without a car to go find some work. I send many many emails every single day for job applications and luckily we still have our wifi on. You guys inspire us and keeps us positive. Thanks to you and the whole crew. Love, Eugene and Carin Swart from South Africa
Ridez Osmon
Ridez Osmon преди 24 дни
Respect +
Albert Lira
Albert Lira преди 24 дни
Incredible video guys!
VRG AUTO преди 25 дни
The Asian Magnus Walker?!
Kamunkin преди 26 дни
What's his car apparel brand called? Not sure how to write it
Brad Tennant
Brad Tennant преди 26 дни
Chad The African Bullfrog
Chad The African Bullfrog преди 26 дни
Do another Roasting Viewers card
Yonno Yostaferson
Yonno Yostaferson преди 26 дни
Don't do this again please
pXmTS преди 26 дни
Is this advertisment ?
Nick Wolf
Nick Wolf преди 27 дни
This is a great video, but it's not what I'm here for. This isn't the kind of content we're looking for from CT. Very few of us are rich entrepreneurs with millions of dollars worth of cars. Hope the sponsor money was worth it.
Cameron Zimmerman
Cameron Zimmerman преди 27 дни
More like this please.
Naveen преди 27 дни
Where the boys at?
Jan Pruijser
Jan Pruijser преди 28 дни
Cmon dudes… what is this?
daniel smith
daniel smith преди 28 дни
This porsche was green with a red interior which reminded me of a watermelon , so I bought it !!!! Jog on pal
daniel smith
daniel smith преди 28 дни
I would have liked this video if Alex walked up to the rich guy and said " hold out your hand "
Emily Pennington
Emily Pennington преди 28 дни
What a load of bollocks. Please don’t add anymore videos like this to your channel.
OLIVER_ NICK преди 28 дни
The channel is dying
Shelby Shum
Shelby Shum преди 28 дни
Reminds me of that Freya video from years ago. Love this style
RAUL преди 28 дни
It's the first time I see one asian like a Porsche normally they like more the JDM it's is new but cool
Focused Man
Focused Man преди 28 дни
I'm sorry CT, I usually love this channel, but I don't want to see how much money someone's got and how many nice cars they own. Didn't enjoy this one bit. Switched off after 2 minutes.
Motheo Lebelo
Motheo Lebelo преди 29 дни
enjoyed the epic a awesome car collection.
Francisco Nunes
Francisco Nunes преди 29 дни
Jay Leno left the chat…
master pogi MD
master pogi MD преди 29 дни
New content request drag race a new diesel car using cooking oil Vs petrol car.
Craig Wood
Craig Wood преди 29 дни
“How do I instantly stop someone one from subscribing to my channel?……………☝️☝️☝️☝️THIS!!!
Warpdog500 преди 29 дни
This is the stuff Jay Leno throws out with trash or gives to homeless shelters,totaly lazy filler content
Isak s
Isak s преди месец
I bought my dream car not too long ago. and I agree, do what you love in life cause life is too short to be wasted
Isak s
Isak s преди месец
I bought my dream car not too long ago. and I agree, do what you love in life cause life is too short to be wasted
Michael Gill
Michael Gill преди месец
Alot of guys with a collection like his seem pretentious, but this guy seems very down to earth and friendly
Albert Insch
Albert Insch преди месец
Tried watching this again... but load of p..h.... whats going on guys... seems you guys are lossing your originality please dont turn comercial and screw up what we all love aboot the show... think you should explain to us why and where you thought this would be good for the viewers that support the channel... Simple as this lads get back to you guys even if its you guys just taking the rip out of each other...
Bobi Bobber
Bobi Bobber преди месец
I wouldn't buy clothes of him as the way he dresses 😅 I believe he has hacked the channel and posted this video to get some exposure, otherwise don't see link .
aiden gledhill
aiden gledhill преди месец
This is a midweek video not a Friday special what we all came for 🤔😒
MrGh421 преди месец
Pete aka 2manycars is the ultimate car collector enthusiast.
algothedon преди месец
Whats this tripe? Its not car throttle that's for sure.
Home Brew
Home Brew преди месец
Have a shot every time he says, "For me." You'll get wasted pretty quickly.
Lewis Pike
Lewis Pike преди месец
Dull sorry
James F
James F преди месец
This was kind of weird and not very interesting.
David Abraham
David Abraham преди месец
One of the worst CT videos to date. If it ain't broke don't fix it guys!
Blackbird Mark
Blackbird Mark преди месец
Boring 👎
zector преди месец
So fucking bad.
Gnasherism преди месец
More fame/money = diluted content Doing deals for some guy to plug Michelin and Porsche. I mean it has been going this way on CT for a while, but this just takes the biscuit..
Damian Brown
Damian Brown преди месец
The shorts get shorter each episode lately
Sean McNeill
Sean McNeill преди месец
Amazing car collection and Thomas is a very sound man.. Greetings from Ireland 😎
DeezNuts преди месец
this was almost a 'lazy' video to make ngl
Paul Merricks
Paul Merricks преди месец
This was a bit of a disappointment, not Car Throttle at all, get back to the content with you guys in it. Whats happened to the pod cast? Wheres Ethans Z3? Are we gonna see Jacks MX5 anytime?
john Bland
john Bland преди месец
Wow that was boring
Manjunatha Prabhu
Manjunatha Prabhu преди месец
If u come across a sleeper garage , please make a video about it.i love this guy's mechanical improvements but I would do it all on sleepers
Stijn van kampen
Stijn van kampen преди месец
Nice ad
Jay преди месец
Well that was probably the dullest video ever posted on this channel
Theodore Deverell
Theodore Deverell преди месец
I'd really like to see a roadtrip on this channel with our 3 fav lads. Spend a video on each person searching and buying their car, then roadtrip videos and mods along the way. Keeping things cheap, £2000 max each perhaps.
Focused Man
Focused Man преди 28 дни
Great idea...sick of rich pricks showing off
Brendan Caldwell
Brendan Caldwell преди месец
The fans don't want to see some super rich dude show off his cars, we want the Car Throttle guys making entertaining videos please.
DarkStryder360 преди месец
Definitely was a story, wouldn't say it was an Ultimate collection, nor was the story life affirming or life changing. I'd watch VinWiki for some car stories.
Bramble преди месец
What's the point of this video? We didn't even hear a single car. This guy is just buying cars because he can, but has probably never taken a wrench in his hands. All that money, but still no class. Look at him sit there, I wouldn't even go to the beach like that. He could've at least put some shoes on instead of slipping about in whatever that's supposed to be. It's been a while since you guys put out such a bad video, I hope the money was good though.
Adam Colclough
Adam Colclough преди месец
Rich guy buys supercars..🥱
Arthur Wicks
Arthur Wicks преди месец
‘Ultimate car enthusiast collection’? Literally just Porsche and 90s cars.
Fx преди месец
Yeah, this ain't it chief.
DanVal преди месец
This is just an add for this guys business.
Albert Insch
Albert Insch преди месец
Where is the trio, usually love car throttle. Pod cast stopped now on you tube, less videos and now this...
Pistol Pete
Pistol Pete преди месец
You need a good boxster in the middle of all that.. 👍
Tony преди месец
Possibly the worst car throttle video ever 🤔
diavoloucraino преди месец
Best videos - you guys looking for cars, going for a kebab, managing to buy a car, taking it somewhere to find all the things wrong with it, fixing some of the vital things, then modding it for some purpose or looking to resell it to trade up. The trade up videos were good but you should have done a much longer series with it - ten trades maybe?
Jurij Gagarin
Jurij Gagarin преди месец
What was that? Commercial add? Thumbs down!
J B преди месец
Awesome Porsche colllection, but it’s just not diverse enough to deserve the title of ultimate car enthusiast collection
Terry Hsiao
Terry Hsiao преди месец
Thomas Yu Lee what does he do for a living?? Wait I know. he has a stupidly rich family.
Down the Rabbit Hole
Down the Rabbit Hole преди месец
What did I just watch?
Nathan Drake
Nathan Drake преди месец
Nathan Middleton
Nathan Middleton преди месец
Clickbait title, none of our regular hosts, and a bit of a shameless plug for Michelin. Is this the start of the slippery slope from an entertaining, enthusiast's channel, to generic, commercialised rubbish? I was expecting to see Alex walking around an epic garage with the owner, talking about their journey and their cars. Instead, we didn't get to see our charismatic hosts and only got to see a brief snippet of a few cars, which whilst very cool, are far from the "ultimate car enthusiasts collection". Disappointing to say the least.
EvoBeard преди месец
This man plays life like I play GTA. I'm sure he's accidentally run over the occasional working girl and made lampposts go flying too.
Luke Ridley
Luke Ridley преди месец
Anyone know the songs for this video
Marco Garofalo
Marco Garofalo преди месец
Odd choice of video for this channel 🤔 a rich dude with loads of cars trying to explain why it's not just stuff but a passion. A calling!
William Holroyd
William Holroyd преди месец
Sorry, didn't enjoy this video and I hope this isn't a new direction for the channel. I love watching the CT gang dicking about with obtainable cars.
Wispa Waffles
Wispa Waffles преди месец
Boring, if it's not got Ethan, jack and Alex in it's not really CT for me, could be any old car channel
Dave Yodals
Dave Yodals преди месец
This is really not the ultimate collection. Just loads of Porsche. Great but DULL. Nice guy though. Seriously no British or Italian cars?!
phgustavsson преди месец
JP3 преди месец
feels like an advert
MrSkorm преди месец
This is the least Car Throttle, Car Throttle video I've ever seen. 1st video in over a year without one of the guys in?
Quick Nick Driver
Quick Nick Driver преди месец
It brings me smiles 😊
GIZMO320 преди месец
While watching this video, I just thought how amazing this guy is!
Alex Devonport
Alex Devonport преди месец
I didn't notice the cars as all I could think about was how did his mom let him out the house in those shorts 😳
VolV8 преди месец
Well...that was a pile of shit.
Lewis преди месец
What a fucking boring video, clearly made purely for an ad. ‘Look at this rich guy and his collection of super cars, we’ll throw in some bullshit about an integra and an S2000 to make it relatable to the poors’ (well aware neither of those are attainable for the average joe anymore) With only uploading one video a week you should really try harder guys, this was not worth waiting for or looking forward to. Would much rather see jack’s cars.. why not make a video getting his mx5 turbo up and running? Miss the working on cars videos too.
Ashley Wright
Ashley Wright преди месец
I'm sat reading the comments because the video is pure bouring🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
Vinny C
Vinny C преди месец
This is the single most frustrating channel I follow on YT. I don't understand how you can go from awesome content (trading up series) to what was essentially an advert for Michelin tyres. You guys are awesome and so annoying at the same time
Vinny C
Vinny C преди 16 дни
@I'm not a Mechanic You've summarised this video far better than I ever could
I'm not a Mechanic
I'm not a Mechanic преди 16 дни
CarThrottle was bought by the company that own Auto Express and CarBuyer, which was Dennis Publishing, although they've just shifted Auto Express over to another branch of the business, not sure if CT was moved too. Anyway, what this means ultimately is that a big company own it and they will want to maximise profit. This is why there has been more big-name sponsorship, but on the flip side some stuff just seems to be massive adverts. This video has the feel and style of a different channel, like Petrolicious, but it's just a rich guy talking about his car collection and how great the high-end car community is and its a bit boring tbh, and rather misses the target audience.
Cristian Duartes
Cristian Duartes преди 18 дни
They doesn't pay the bills on your comments, Michelin does. I'm glad this guys had sponsors and get us the other contents we like as well they get paid.
KOLA Flipper
KOLA Flipper преди 27 дни
Don’t forget, the money they make from videos like this allows them to do the daft videos that we like. It’s better to have CT do this from time to time rather than have them close the channel down because it’s not financially viable.
Bethuel преди 28 дни
@Thomas W sounds like a rumour to me
Chris Mason
Chris Mason преди месец
What an incredible guy. So humble. I bet he is an amazing friend to have. So happy to see nice guys winning. Makes such a change from the morons we see in America. Naming no names Sandy Ravage.
Jimi преди месец
I loved when he started talking about watermelon. Great car. He seems like a great person to go on an adventure with
Jaguar 1991
Jaguar 1991 преди месец
Superb collection. Don’t like the decals but it’s all personal preference.
Poundsy преди месец
A man to easily be jealous of, but he's pure joy when driving makes you happy for him
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