Project Off-Road MR2: Teardown & Build

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преди 20 дни

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This week, the guys tear down and the £100 MR2, ready for its Hot Wheels / Mad Max off-road transformation!

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James Wilcox
James Wilcox преди ден
Hi guys love the show , quick question I've just been offered a volvo v70 d5 one owner from new sale due to medical grounds . 85000 miles drives well 10 month mot, he's starting at £750 do you think I can make some money on it , cheers James
Samitha Bambarawane
Samitha Bambarawane преди 2 дни
Tearing off panels like that pisses me off. 🤬
ThePolyGuy преди 2 дни
this is sick though lol
ThePolyGuy преди 2 дни
not only mrII owners but i think all of us felt it when they took of that rear bumber lol
westbrionage преди 3 дни
Me 2000iq "how are they driving without an engine"
Adwaith K Bijith
Adwaith K Bijith преди 4 дни
i think it has been in a crash before
joshua turner
joshua turner преди 4 дни
14:29 nice
LadyAnuB преди 4 дни
Portal axle to solve the torque issue. 😀
Case16710 преди 5 дни
“Raptor bedliner paint… to hopefully help keep the car in one piece.” You know the car is light when paint is a structural element.
Miles Reid
Miles Reid преди 5 дни
You’d think he would have grown out of being such a tool by now.
Connor Morse
Connor Morse преди 5 дни
14:30 sounded like Borat.
Justin Marhold
Justin Marhold преди 5 дни
I really wish I could find an mr2 spider state side for less than $6-7k
Raffay Rafiq
Raffay Rafiq преди 5 дни
this gives me Earn To Die vibes
Alias HSW
Alias HSW преди 7 дни
One of my favorite HotWheels of the moment is the Porsche “Safari” 914.
Oisin Keane
Oisin Keane преди 7 дни
If he said "very nice" I'd of died from laughing. I didn't know borat built race cars😅
Planet Eclipse
Planet Eclipse преди 7 дни
Let the games begin!
Roshawn Powell
Roshawn Powell преди 9 дни
Am I the only one who hates seeing cars destroyed?
Nocu Polska
Nocu Polska преди 9 дни
I have feeling that the clutch will say bye bye 👋
Gary McGurk
Gary McGurk преди 9 дни
Bring back the podcast!!!
djpylloz преди 10 дни
As an mr2 owner, this makes me sad and happy. Because the MR-s isn't a real mr2.
Callum Connah
Callum Connah преди 10 дни
Nobody: Bruno: I think this has been in a crash before
Rock girl
Rock girl преди 11 дни
So the first 8 minutes are just Alex flexing, showing off and proving that he DEFINITELY doesn’t have Small Man Syndrome? 😂 Great idea for the car though
Riad Benkabba
Riad Benkabba преди 11 дни
Ethan running saying no lmaoooo 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mr Mechanic
Mr Mechanic преди 11 дни
Remapp the fuck outta it so it has enough torque to spin those beefy Bois
joshua lane
joshua lane преди 11 дни
I see the China blue rally-e in Bruno’s garage
dcoog anml
dcoog anml преди 12 дни
DDC2: “Hey guys can have some rear quarter panels? Oh.. ok…never mind then”
Rock girl
Rock girl преди 11 дни
Such a waste of a nice little sports car.
GarThor Son of Odin
GarThor Son of Odin преди 12 дни
roflcopter... "That was the alarm plug, someone might steal it now" XD
Michael Currie
Michael Currie преди 12 дни
Brunos like who the f*ck have I let in my garage 🤣
beijingbond преди 12 дни
Has that MR2 been in a crash before?
dcoog anml
dcoog anml преди 12 дни
Loving the Ban shee Morphine retro hardtail in the background!
Joe преди 12 дни
"Niice" he sounds like Borat 🤣
b m
b m преди 13 дни
I just died at 07:00. 😶
Paul White
Paul White преди 13 дни
Destruction for the sake of it. Alex, we get it, you like your arms, but that was just unneccesary. Do you smash glass bottles everywhere too, "just because"? Disappointing, guys.
Kirke преди 13 дни
Brune saying “Niiice” sounds like Borat
Aman Sidhu
Aman Sidhu преди 13 дни
Wasteful about the doors, panels and the rest of the parts, could have helped the spare parts market.
Chad The African Bullfrog
Chad The African Bullfrog преди 13 дни
Please please do a roasting viewers cars video
r t
r t преди 13 дни
Where did you get the braces from?
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt преди 13 дни
Watching this was painful. Absolute animals! Alex just comes across as a right knob 😂
Joao Ribeiro
Joao Ribeiro преди 13 дни
ok, a budget ariel nomad, good!
Milan Ondrak
Milan Ondrak преди 13 дни
If it weren't for the warning beeps that looks fun to drive. This car should be named the MR 2Max.
James Franklin
James Franklin преди 13 дни
Such a waste of a nice little sports car.
J B преди 13 дни
Hopefully this doesn’t disappear like every other car throttle project ever. Including the other hot wheels project (z3)
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt преди 13 дни
have to destroy all of the parts? If y’all get the hot wheels build I’ll come back and look for the vid otherwise thanks for nothing but clickbait.
ion bobes
ion bobes преди 13 дни
Jack turned into Jaques real quick
Steve James
Steve James преди 14 дни
Breaking stuff while stripping it, trying to be like Clarkson, is embarrassing and not something a car guy would do 😔
Andrew Petty
Andrew Petty преди 14 дни
Loving the Ban shee Morphine retro hardtail in the background!
Mikey преди 14 дни
chimpanzees could have done a better job
Jake gallazzi
Jake gallazzi преди 14 дни
“I feel like aqua man” look more like a scared policeman at speakers corner
Newton's Builds
Newton's Builds преди 14 дни
bet you cant call it a death kart because that guy died
Danies Alex
Danies Alex преди 14 дни
They didn't listen to my comment,
SUNDOWN 80 преди 14 дни
Wow jacks birth was amazing how he just walked strait out of the womb 🤣
Joe Rocket1979
Joe Rocket1979 преди 15 дни
Another butcher murdering a classic,so sad.😭
Deimos преди 15 дни
This hurt my soul. I could’ve got this titled in the US lol
Radioactive Goat
Radioactive Goat преди 15 дни
Disliked just for the way u trated the poor thing 😂
Phil B
Phil B преди 15 дни
Woa, this thing is rusted through !!
Quantum Traders
Quantum Traders преди 15 дни
For Alex every tool is a hammer what a brute.
Craig Ritchie
Craig Ritchie преди 15 дни
Damn… y’all are some butchers and clickbait… It’s cool y’all are doing a build and I look forward to the end result and I even hope y’all get the hot wheels car made but did you have to destroy all of the parts? If y’all get the hot wheels build I’ll come back and look for the vid otherwise thanks for nothing but clickbait.
Lukas Pocius
Lukas Pocius преди 15 дни
Did not know Borat was into cars
Brian преди 15 дни
Aquaman? Perhaps Actionman, 'with hands that grip'...
Roland преди 16 дни
Is this the one with a 6 speed gearbox? That would help in getting those big tires spinning. And there is also the optional LSD. Otherwise, try to fit (the final gear of) another type C gearbox of which there are many in Toyota's world, lots of Corolla's and so on, so you could find one with a different ratio. Anyway, there was no need to be so careless about the good parts of this car, somebody could have used fenders and lights.
Stirling TheCorgi
Stirling TheCorgi преди 16 дни
Why do they have to destroy good repair parts
Rui Jorge
Rui Jorge преди 16 дни
More videos with Bruno pls
Momoe002 преди 16 дни
Sooooooo MR2 (Car Throttle) VS. Mod Max (Mighty Car Mods)????
DAF Pvnk
DAF Pvnk преди 16 дни
I love when you guys have Bruno on. Man's a legend
powergrainger249 преди 16 дни
*adds chassis braces* Bolts: we are the weakest links, goodbye
Ben Jewison
Ben Jewison преди 16 дни
He should drag race it against another MK3 MR2 to see if the efforts have paid off. Having one it was great fun to watch but I didn't enjoy the breaking of each panel. Looking forward to seeing the end product!!!
Al Mualim
Al Mualim преди 16 дни
Love it! I suggested this a long time ago, really chuffed to see it coming together!
RD Coaching
RD Coaching преди 16 дни
Guy went full Borat 😂😂 14:27
Luuk преди 16 дни
Chrisfix be like: how to strip a car. Carthrottle be like: ^^^ Love it😂
Marcel O
Marcel O преди 16 дни
Our friend DannyDC2 could have had a good use for those pannels I think 🤦🏼‍♂️😂😂😂
harri manni
harri manni преди 16 дни
Yes, proper steel rims!
lewis hajdila
lewis hajdila преди 16 дни
Every little boys dream a sponsorship by hot wheels
Mario alves
Mario alves преди 16 дни
i cant even imagine fiding an mr2 that cheap
High Explosive Serenade
High Explosive Serenade преди 16 дни
this project is awesome! I want to see it finished! Its going to be a pretty cool toy!
Diogo Dias
Diogo Dias преди 16 дни
The beeping means that it's happy
Bawxxy преди 16 дни
15:10 Is your car rusty? No my rust is cary ... that stiffening was probably a good idea
SUBOPTIMAL преди 16 дни
as an owner of a MR2 this hurts a bit.
Diogo Dias
Diogo Dias преди 16 дни
Finally the MR2 is back, guys revealed them like 2 years ago and until now nothing. Also finally a good project. Just sad that it's going to be so short and not like the Mud-Type (still the best thing CT ever did)
schubi128 преди 16 дни
The way you remove perfectly good parts is painful ..... and I don't even own a MR2
EG3HC преди 16 дни
A certain MR2 racing driver might appreciate the donation of some of those parts/panels… @DannyDC2 perhaps not after Alex has “had his way” with them though.
Francisco Morgado
Francisco Morgado преди 16 дни
how not to stip a car
Bhargav Suresh
Bhargav Suresh преди 16 дни
imagine you 2jz the thing
Don't Stay In
Don't Stay In преди 16 дни
What happened to the Suzuki Baleno??
John Donovan
John Donovan преди 16 дни
Another paid promotion video where you're paid to do and say what someone tells you to. You also deleted my comment on your last video so I'll say it again: I remember when this channel was good, and was innocent. Back when you did your own thing. Such a shame.
King & Titan Racing
King & Titan Racing преди 16 дни
That's an an even more intense MR2 build than ours! Awesome! But that strip down was painful to watch having spent so much time carefully undoing all those bolts and plugs.
Chris P
Chris P преди 16 дни
Meanwhile DDC2 is watching 'oop North thinking "ey oop lads, I'll have all them there mr2 bits you've just destroyed" 😂
Valentin Coste
Valentin Coste преди 16 дни
The result is cool but the dismantle is painful
NotMan преди 16 дни
If this becomes a howheel you already know I’m buying like 5 of them
Aart van der spank
Aart van der spank преди 17 дни
@13:50 "can you clearly see the difference in size?".....yeah....Jack is WAY taller than you
LabGorilla преди 17 дни
And it still drives and steers better than my Nissan joke
LabGorilla преди 17 дни
And it still drives and steers better than my Nissan joke
Thomie Plays
Thomie Plays преди 17 дни
3:49 - me when I am playing car mechanic simulator and Im stuck on a part that I can't find.
URBAN WIND преди 17 дни
What's better than this!? Guys being dudes!
Christian Dickerson
Christian Dickerson преди 17 дни
Oh god..... I haven't even started the video yet and I can just imagine.
Dean Simon
Dean Simon преди 17 дни
it looks like cleetus mcfarland leroy the savage
Asger Lysebjerg
Asger Lysebjerg преди 17 дни
The british produced Toyota's have SB as the first letters in the VIN. Just to be boring
Lapin Logic
Lapin Logic преди 17 дни
Starving kids in Africa could have eaten that rear bumper 😛
Nubie Bob
Nubie Bob преди 17 дни
Anyone give me a suggestion on a car to buy.. I only have a budget of 5k.. thanks if anyone can help
Eugene Elkin
Eugene Elkin преди 17 дни
🤣NICE AWES0ME C00L_ REMEMBER ALL DAYS FR0M .... MY DAYS ...... THAT WILLL BE C0NCERV FR0M ZAP0R0ZHEC🍨🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚 💨 🍮 🥧 🍡 🍧 🍨 🍦 🍰 ❗ 🐬 🌺 🌺 🌺 🥀 🌹 🌷 🍁 💐🍂 🐡🐄 🐅 🐆 🐯 🍣 🍣 🍣 🥘 🍨🍨🍨
AdotLOM преди 17 дни
6:48 I have an MR2 spyder, and I almost had a heart attack at this bit
Kamil Piwowarczyk
Kamil Piwowarczyk преди 17 дни
Did you really need to pour salt all over the land so nothing will ever grow again?
lightswarm175 преди 17 дни
Gah those z3s in the background looking all kinds of hot.
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