Fast & Furious 9 Stars Roast Your Cars

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Fast & Furious 9 is in UK cinemas on 24th June.

This week, Alex, Ethan and Jack roast your rides with Fast & Furious 9 stars John Cena, Ludacris and Sung Kang!


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Sean Davey
Sean Davey преди час
Fun fact: the guy that played barney I'd from the city I live in. Decatur illinois. I use to live few Houses down from his old home. Random lol
stupidliderals преди 5 часа
Cena only likes cars built in China
Luke Stewart
Luke Stewart преди 8 часа
Saw the title screen on YT with a pic of John Cena with "you should be ashamed" in big letters. Not sure what the Mandarin for "fuck off, commie!" Is but yeah, don't ever touch our flag again.
STEllarwavEZ преди ден
John Cena (angry voice) you look so good in that suit, inspiring me to dress wiser.
Martin Torres
Martin Torres преди 2 дни
This is kinda funny.
Cali kid 213
Cali kid 213 преди 2 дни
cena is a traitor to the USA
Eljhon Lanuza
Eljhon Lanuza преди 2 дни
I was seeing Luda and Sung but I can't see the third guest. Guessing from the voice it was John Cena.
Collin Phiri
Collin Phiri преди 3 дни
Their jokes are as bad as the movie
King Slayed97
King Slayed97 преди 4 дни
I didn’t know there was a hater central
Vettesweetnos преди 4 дни
Wish Paul walker was here
We do a lil accident
We do a lil accident преди 4 дни
Alternate title: car guys react to ricers
Warren G
Warren G преди 7 дни
They should be ashamed of the movie they all stard in... worst movie ever
Marrda преди 7 дни
Cena is a sale out.
Wilfredo Caban
Wilfredo Caban преди 9 дни
Conway car was the bust
Cinnamon Bruh
Cinnamon Bruh преди 10 дни
So unfortunate John cena never showed up
Sidd Joshi
Sidd Joshi преди 11 дни
Hello mister john cena good to see cracked me up
Saeed Ahmad
Saeed Ahmad преди 11 дни
0:57 "Hello Mr. John Cena, good to see you" Me trying to see who he's waving at
Bharat Rawal
Bharat Rawal преди 11 дни
Props to these three men for acting like they actually saw John Cena. 👏
JyRO _
JyRO _ преди 11 дни
Sung Kang - respects everybodies choices for their cars John Cena - nice man who's trying to focus on the positive sides Ludacris - I don't like it, therefore it's pure shit The 3 guys behind the laptop - just trying to utterly humiliate other peoples cars I know this is supposed to be a roast, but tbh I don't really get the idea behind such crap
KopfJäger преди 12 дни
John likes the E36 while I like the E46
Angad Oberoi
Angad Oberoi преди 12 дни
Look at john cena - he is a wrestler and an actor Wtf does he know about cars
Just Aany
Just Aany преди 13 дни
john sena doesn't know shit about cars
Lambochaser преди 13 дни
That all white Volvo was pretty clean.
Marc Monfero
Marc Monfero преди 13 дни
That Mazda MX5 still ugly tho hahahaha dont care about the value just looks terrible lol
MaNtIcHoRa преди 13 дни
You should be ashamed at what you guys have done to the franchise
Tobi Niri
Tobi Niri преди 13 дни
Ludacris is not even a car guy. Seems like the type of person to call a nsx a Ferrari and think a turbo make boost flames come out the exhaust
ArlindBlaze преди 15 дни
Sorry for not having a tank guys, Please forgive me!
ThatKidSON преди 15 дни
John Cena actually likes and knows his cars ... Respek
BallisticEVA01 преди 16 дни
So... these actors keep ruining a franchise for the sake of MONEY... how dare they roast other people´s cars? It´s pathetic! This is not even funny anymore! Fuck you FF actors!!
CR Prodigy
CR Prodigy преди 16 дни
Fast and furious is good for Grade 8 kiddos lol... unrealistic freaking shit movie
Nico John
Nico John преди 18 дни
The editing is so lazy and the reactions are so lame it must’ve been an awkward time after the skit
Rajat Yadav
Rajat Yadav преди 18 дни
Like you trying to fool people so they don't get ahead in life wow cool business You should be proud of that
Kidd Wong
Kidd Wong преди 20 дни
Cena seems like a really cool dude.
Dan SIVA преди 20 дни
John cena could be a good teacher
lamdataf _
lamdataf _ преди 21 ден
Did anyone noticed John Cena🤨
Sebastian Loft
Sebastian Loft преди 22 дни
Ludacris was trying way too hard, he was just cringy rather than funny xD
Mohamed Talbi
Mohamed Talbi преди 22 дни
I like Hans taste
Jakub Fleško Fleischhacker
Jakub Fleško Fleischhacker преди 22 дни
Hello john cena good too see u. Cena: no u cant
K jhn
K jhn преди 22 дни
Remember when these movies were about street racing and their community
Over Lord
Over Lord преди 22 дни
"Hello Mr. John Cena.. Good to see you." John Cena- .......
Grindcore Rager 40
Grindcore Rager 40 преди 23 дни
Paul Walker was supposed to show up for this video, but he couldn't make it because he was too busy roasting in his car.
Xayvion Beepath
Xayvion Beepath преди 23 дни
"Hello Mr. John Cena good to see you" *hahahaha.... I see nothing there*
oliver преди 23 дни
7:49 John, not everyone buys a car to sell it in 2 weeks. Like your Ford GT that nearly got you sued 😂
KanzakiQhaii преди 24 дни
am i the only one who cant see john cena ?
AdMaiter преди 24 дни
I feel bad that Jason Statham wasn't in F9 the movie is good until the end iddint like the magnet stopping the truck and hiw Dom detroyed the drone the space part is unreal too everything else PERFECT (Edit) I hope Shaw returns in F10 and the film is more real and we need Hobbs back too ik that Dwayne recently did the Jungle Cruise dope disney movie bring some Pirrates Of The Caribbean vibes but hope they return in F10
Crepitus преди 25 дни
looked fun at first, but then i realised we are looking at chinese gov bootlicker.
Voodoo Illusion
Voodoo Illusion преди 25 дни
Oh God you can not see me I wish very much and not being able to hear you also would work beta. Cena blah
dreamXcream преди 26 дни
Has anyone heard ludas new music?
Spike Spiegel
Spike Spiegel преди 26 дни
Wow it's John Xina
Sam Talbot-Cross
Sam Talbot-Cross преди 26 дни
Ladies and Gentlemen. Mr Conway Twitty 4:00
the infiltrator
the infiltrator преди 26 дни
Why John cena is looking so strange....
Wooly преди 27 дни
I'm actually pleasantly surprised how much john cena knows about cars. That makes me like him even more as a celebrity he actually is open minded and so is Sung Kang
Boonamai преди 27 дни
John Cena is so much more symphatic than it seems at firsr
Kenny Petrovic
Kenny Petrovic преди 27 дни
Les Paul Ballesteros
Les Paul Ballesteros преди 27 дни
Where is John Cena? Clickbait.
Larry Welser
Larry Welser преди 27 дни
We need donut media roasts fast and the furious cars
Xavier Villabol
Xavier Villabol преди 27 дни
that white volvo was clean
Poovaneswaran Supramaniam
Poovaneswaran Supramaniam преди 27 дни
Mr.john rock man...
Jeb Little
Jeb Little преди 27 дни
As a truck.guy .and native.oregonian who has seen.many lifted crv's for gambler 500 and such, im agreeing.on the bagged crv🤷‍♂️ its clean and unique
Chriscangdra Daniel
Chriscangdra Daniel преди 27 дни
Wait john cena can speak english?
micglou преди 27 дни
I'm with Cena on the Volvo... it's not that bad, they just took it a little bit too far; take all those stickers off, raise it a little and give it a normal stance and it would look very smart. Maybe also take off the plastic arches... I'm on the fence on those.
Niaz Ahmad
Niaz Ahmad преди 27 дни
What's the deal with JOHN Cena?? He is always in suites and boots, in a very formal attire. I have seen his recent videos in different channels and everywhere the case is same.
Mewastaken .?
Mewastaken .? преди 27 дни
Im really disappointed when i didn't see cena
Bigoki преди 28 дни
I know saw ludichris and than where’s johncena?
Dorian Wright
Dorian Wright преди 28 дни
tou. ge
tou. ge преди 28 дни
They didnt roast it as much but okay 😂🤣
Leogemini0608 YT
Leogemini0608 YT преди 28 дни
Who’s the guy at the beginning acting like he could see John cena lmao
Alex Guevara
Alex Guevara преди 28 дни
The real the real roast is the disgrace of the movie y’all acted in
GRANDMA PLAYZ преди 28 дни
Its just not right to see cena with a costume
Adam Spencer
Adam Spencer преди 28 дни
Sungs reaction to the Porsche swapped Miata was gold
Paul Perreira
Paul Perreira преди 28 дни
How is sung kang in fast 9? I thought Han died in Tokyo drift??
Luke Tae
Luke Tae преди 28 дни
john cena only got pulled over because cops couldnt see a driver behind the wheel
Bounty Bill
Bounty Bill преди 28 дни
The Volvo is clean af
JOTiNGO21 преди 28 дни
Should get Drew Peacock on one of these
Seth Linn
Seth Linn преди 28 дни
Make Roman drive a slow smallass smart car like that lol
Joshua Maravilla
Joshua Maravilla преди 28 дни
I'm not gonna lie I get sad every time I watch any fast n furious movie because Paul walker is one of my favorite actors and he was a amazing person is just gets me sad watching a fast n furious movie because I forget he's not going coming back that last scene gets me sad because that was Paul's actual R34 paul walker is the reason for Me loving R34 gtrs and GTRS in general
Ramto Santosa
Ramto Santosa преди 28 дни
John cena is a big guy with a big heart, i would love to have some beers with him
Elijah Crosby
Elijah Crosby преди 28 дни
i thought y’all said John Cena was in this video?
Jump Space
Jump Space преди 28 дни
I would never take Criticism from John Cena. The guy is a typical high school bully who think all women love him. Guy looks like a child has put play dough onto some old books.
Suraj Dhal
Suraj Dhal преди 28 дни This is why ...
Zapzzable100 преди 28 дни
Lee Nel
Lee Nel преди 28 дни
Seems like Ludacris doesnt know what bags are.. Ofcourse the person who owns the VW isnt riding it that low..🙈
TraitorPotater преди 29 дни
“Hello Mr. John Cena, good to see you” John Cena: “You can see me?”
RAJNEESH 1997 преди 29 дни
F9 should be ashamed of Not knowing physics ... Car in space ... 😖
Andres Gonzalez
Andres Gonzalez преди 29 дни
2:32 those wheels are expensive asf
PixelTrooper преди 29 дни
I'm amazed by how much of a car guy John Cena is. Sung Kang is pretty much just Han but more wholesome. Ludacris not as much of an actual car guy but hes okay
Jesse Kolk
Jesse Kolk преди 29 дни
i feel like ludacris trying a bit too hard on the roasts
Syed Syed
Syed Syed преди 29 дни
Why’s the couch giving bonus time??
Jon Hebert
Jon Hebert преди 29 дни
well this was horrible lol
nicole g
nicole g преди 29 дни
I rewatched Tokyo Drift the other day and Sung Kang doesn’t look like he’s aged a day💀
Beaux Guidry
Beaux Guidry преди 29 дни
The only one I like here is the only one Luda didn't roast, the '63 Buick. But that is me, I'd take a Chevelle over a 'Vette.
KingZacho TV
KingZacho TV преди 29 дни
I see where gta gets their ideas especially the first one 🤘🤘🤣
chrexxie преди 29 дни
The US version is better cause it has the steering wheel on the left side which is the correct side
Eternal преди месец
F1 wheels mod
abraham abriza
abraham abriza преди месец
Love john cena he's really a nice guy gentleman as ever. Keep rockin man. Ludacris was brutally honest as ever but anything he says i cant argue with that. Sung knows well his stuff i dig that man. Hope to see these guys in the next installment.
JMB_Assassin преди месец
The guys: thank you cena we might see you again John cena: no you wont
Dante Petersen
Dante Petersen преди месец
John cena needs stfu because it seems like he doesn't know what he is talking about.
Aka RedBeard
Aka RedBeard преди месец
Is this were Rockstar got there car ideas for the new update?
grizly brizly
grizly brizly преди месец
you guys fake laugh so much that my cringe meter broke
Delcy_Luv преди месец
3:14 this man spitting lies "fastest v6" then show a boosted qr tf dude
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